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Your First Vein Consultation


There's no need to fear, a vein consultation is painless.


Who should have a consultation?

If you are suffering with the signs or symptoms of the vein disease like varicose veins, spider veins, leg swelling, restless legs, leg cramps, varicose eczema, bruising or leg ulcers, or you're simply unhappy with the way your legs look, it's time to have a vein consultation. If your legs are not bothering you, then you can postpone a consultation to a later date. Many people live with varicose or spider veins for years without having any accompanying suffering or pain.


However, it is important to note that vein disease gets worse with time. Vein problems that are causing pain and suffering that go untreated for long periods can become very serious conditions that are difficult to treat. Sometimes patients don't even realize that the pain that they're experiencing in their legs is caused by their varicose or spider veins. And there are times when the varicose veins are so deep in the leg that they can't be seen on the skin so patients don't realize they have a vein problem. Sadly they think their legs hurt due to years of use or just from getting older so they fail to seek treatment.


Dr. Sellers likes to see vein patients as soon as their legs begin to give them problems or cause them concern.


How long will the consultation take?

About an hour


What should I expect?

When you come in for a consultation it is important that Dr. Sellers understands what problems you're having, that he identifies the root cause of your problem, that he understands your goals for your legs, and that he develops an effective plan of care to treat your problem.


In order to do that, the vein consultation includes asking you a series of questions to get a medical history and a physical examination focused on your presenting complaints. You'll also be given a painless duplex ultrasound examination of your leg(s). It's this ultrasound examination that will help determine the underlying cause of your problems; it allows the doctor to see what's going on with the blood flow in your legs. The ultrasound will be done while you're in a standing position. At McClellan Park Medical Mall we have a specially designed area for venous testing. Your venous ultrasound examination will be administered by our Registered Vascular Technologist who works in our vascular lab; he has many years of venous ultrasound experience. He may use additional tools like a hand-held Doppler and a trans-illuminated light to get an even closer look at your veins.


Dr. Sellers will then review the results of your ultrasound examination. The findings will allow him to create a map of your normal and abnormal veins and create a treatment plan which he will present to you. Each of Dr. Sellers treatment recommendations reflect the individual findings of each patient's leg as there are no one size treats all care plans for vein disease. It will be his goal to eliminate the diseased veins so that the remaining healthy veins in your legs can take over. For many patients this results in better looking and feeling legs in just a matter of days. For others more than one procedure will be needed to accomplish their leg goals.


Next Dr. Sellers will give you an opportunity to ask questions. He will want to make sure you are comfortable with the treatment options he has presented and the goals that you have agreed-upon.


Each patient that is diagnosed with vein disease begins on a Conservative Care Treatment plan and is provided with one of Dr. Sellers' Conservative Care Packages. Conservative Care involves making  lifestyle changes like implementing daily leg elevation, beginning calf pump strengthening exercises, wearing graduated compression hose, eating anti-inflammatory foods, and using homeopathic alternatives and over-the-counter medications to slow the progression of the disease and relieve some of the suffering associated with vein problems. These are good healthy lifestyle changes that most people find benefit their overall health.


To see a more complete list of Conservative Care Treatments Options visit our Conservative Care Resource Center.


What happens next?

You'll then they asked to schedule a follow-up appointment in 4 to 8 weeks. During this appointment Dr. Sellers will check on the improvement of your legs based on your Conservative Care implementation. If your legs have not improved drastically, your insurance company will be notified and requested to approve your surgical, laser, or injection treatment. Many insurance providers require vein disease sufferers to try at least 4 to 8 weeks of graduated compression therapy before they will approve any vein procedure.


Once approved you will be notified and Dr. Sellers staff will help you schedule a convenient time for your procedure to take place. The treatments Dr. Sellers offers are out-patient procedures that can be performed in the office with a local anesthetic and require little to no down time for recovery. The staff will also provide you with a list of instructions to help you prepare for your procedure.


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