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Because exercise is so important to our vein health, we often have to become savvy in how we think about it. It is one thing to know we should do it, it  is another all together to do it. Dr. Sellers recommends a few solutions to his patients like....


1. Find an accountability partner.


An accountability partner is someone who is also making lifestyle changes. This is a person you can report to and, if the opportunity allows, exercise with or practice skills together. Having a buddy can help break the cycle of isolation. It can also be a fun way to make lasting changes in your life. Research shows, for instance, that for exercise to be enduring in women, it must be enjoyable or have an element of pleasure. Teaming up with someone to compare notes and and discuss your progress with, can add to the enjoyment.


Family or friends can be supportive accountability partners, but the best candidate is someone learning similar health skills, someone making similar lifestyle changes, and someone who is encouraging and supportive. It's best if your partner knows a few guidelines,for example, each check in should be brief and cover the same things (perhaps how long you exercised each day, a review of what you've been eating, reviewing how much water you drank, and discussing 1 other positive thing you did for yourself that week or day.) Checking in with each other 1- 3 times a week is recommended to keep you on task.


2. Get signed up to work with a professional, like you would find at a gym or at The Tyler Center


Dr. Sellers can provide his vein patients with a signed medical release to attend a special wellness program at the Tyler Center for one on one help with a trained Exercise Physiologists. Patients will learn exercises to help build leg, calf and body strength and get one and one attention from experienced individuals who are well informed about vein problems. The Tyler Center even has a heated pool, which is great for weightless exercise and less strenuous on the joints. Be sure to see the Tyler Center information page and to ask Dr. Sellers about a referral when you come in for your consultation.


3. Join a club that focuses on fitness for example a running or biking club.


4. If you are a dog person, borrow a friend's dog or get one of your own to take on walks.