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Dr. Lewis E. Sellers

Personal Note from the Doctor

 As a youngster, I didn’t have to look far for role models. My dad was a hardworking hardware store owner and my grandfather and great-grandfather were gifted physicians. All three were committed to serving their small-town Alabama communities.

        My early passion for healing combined their strengths. I was fascinated with the way things worked, especially the human body. Not surprisingly, I was drawn to surgery, a complex and changing field of medicine.

        My practice has evolved in exciting ways. Today I use a minimally invasive technique called Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA) to treat varicose (“spidery” and “ropey”) veins and a condition known as superficial venous reflux. Symptoms are sometimes painful pooling of blood in the legs due to veins that are not adequately returning blood to the heart.

        Laser energy is used to correct the problem veins. The procedure is performed in my office and takes about an hour. Patients report rapid relief from the discomfort, aches and heaviness of varicose veins.  They also experience enhanced blood circulation and an improved appearance.

        Although the techniques have changed, my passion has not. For me, the great thrill of being a doctor has always been the opportunity to relieve pain and suffering and return patients to the lives they love. Also unchanging is my commitment to this community. For three decades I have been honored to serve the people of Anniston and the surrounding area. I consider myself lucky to have been born and bred in Alabama, reared a family here and been part of a superior medical community.

        Natives and newcomers alike agree that there’s something special about our area and its people. Keeping them healthy and productive is the most satisfying work I can imagine.

        My practice is built on the relationship between doctor and patient.  That’s why I invite you to contact me directly at with any questions or concerns. Health care has gotten complex and confusing for many people. It’s my job to simplify delivery and improve outcomes.


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Signature  of Lewis E. Sellers MD

Lewis E. Sellers III

Dr. Lewis E. Sellers Credentials



Benjamin Russel High School, Alexander City, Alabama

The University of Alabama:

President of Alpha Omega Alpha, Pre Medicine Honorary

University of Alabama in Birmingham Medical School:

Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honorary



Parkland Memorial Hospital, Dallas, Texas



Surgical Residency, University of Alabama Birmingham

Chief Residency, University of Alabama Birmingham


Military Service:

Major, United States Air Force



Northeast Alabama Surgical Associates


Positions Served:

Chief of Surgery, Regional Medical Center

Chief of Surgery, Stringfellow Memorial Hospital

President, AL Chapter American College of Surgeons

Governor, AL Chapter Member ACS of Endoscopic Surgeons


Board Certified American Board of Surgery

Fellow American College of Surgeons

Member American College of Phlebology