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Endovenous Thermal Ablation (EVLA)

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What You Need to do to Prepare for Vein Ablation (EVLA)


Before your procedure, please read over and prepare to follow the instructions carefully to help guarantee you have a good experience at the McClellan Vein & Vascular Center.


1. A responsible adult must accompany you the day of the procedure, remain in the waiting area during the procedure and drive you home after the procedure. You must have a responsible adult with you for the first 24 hours following your procedure while you are at home.


2. THE DAY BEFORE YOUR PROCEDURE: Beginning at 9 AM, please drink plenty of water and avoid caffeinated drinks like tea, cola, or coffee as well as sugary or alcoholic beverages. It is important that you be well hydrated for this procedure.


3. EAT NO SOLID FOOD 6 hrs prior to your appointment time.


4. The morning of your procedure: Drink 2 to 4 eight ounce bottles or glasses of water when you get up.


5. If you are a DIABETIC: Do NOT take blood sugar medication or insulin until after you have eaten after your procedure.


6.Take your usual medications on the morning of your procedure with water unless the doctor has asked you to temporarily stop some of your medications.


7. Blood-thinning medications are typically best continued during this minimally invasive procedure. If you are on blood-thinning medications and have any questions about them, please ask the doctor.


8. IMPORTANT: Notify your doctor if you are on Plavix!


9. Please bring a complete list of medications with you on the day of your procedure. It is especially important to notify the doctor and his staff about any allergies or recent changes in your medications.


10. WHAT TO WEAR TO YOUR PROCEDURE: Wear shorts or loose-fitting clothing to the clinic. Wear slip-on shoes or house slippers.


11. OPTIONAL but Recommended: A few days before your procedure pick up a Boiron Procedure Recovery Kit. Available at the Oxford Exchange GNC ot the Calhoun Compounding Pharmacy..

Take as instructed starting 2 days before your procedure and after your procedure to reduce pain, bruising, and swelling that may result from Endovenous Ablation.




The kit (shown above) contains 3 tubes of medicine. Boiron also makes an ARNICA product that is less expensive and less effective than that in the Boiron Procedure Recovery Kit. The less effective medicine is labeled 30c or by other companies as 30x. This medicine is 30 times diluted verses the 12 times diluted and more effective product Dr. Sellers recommends.


You may also want to pick up the Boiron ARNICA Cream or Gel about $8 for external use.

Do not apply it on broken skin.

Available at the Oxford Exchange GNC & at the Calhoun Compounding Pharmacy & online:



If you have any additional questions about these instructions for your procedure, please call the  office at 256-237-1624.






Boiron Procedure Recovery Kit by Arnicare. Pick yours up befoe your Vein Procedure and take as instructed.